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How to Store Clothes

Storing clothes is a notorious challenge. The sheer number of garments, their sheer variety, and the fact that they take up so much space in our homes make it a daunting task that many people have given up on. With these tips, however, you'll find yourself easily defeating the problem by storing your clothes with just a little bit of elbow grease and plenty of dedication. You might also need to invest in self storage units, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Storage Depends on Types of Clothes

 Storing your clothes correctly depends on what type of clothing you own. If you only own a few casual outfits, it will not be difficult to hang them in a closet. However, if you have a lot of different items, then this can get quite costly. 

It is best to take them to the laundromat for cleaning for some items like suits and formal wear.  However, you can also store each item according to its season by ensuring that each item has its own hanging space. For items like summer clothing, it is best to store them in air-tight plastic bags.

How Can You Fold Smaller Items?

It is important to use your space wisely. If you want to keep items that can be folded but aren't big enough for a drawer, like socks, then buy some clear containers or jewelry boxes. They are small enough to fit in an area, and they can be used to store multiple items neatly. When picking out containers, consider the size of the clothing that will fit inside. If you already use normal drawers for smaller clothing, then you can just buy matching containers and store them in your dresser.

Decluttering the Closet

Check your closet for items you don’t really need and figure out how to get rid of them. Do you have too many items that no longer fit? Do you have clothes with missing buttons, stains, or missing hems? 

Decluttering your closet can be a great way to get it organized or make room for new items. Decluttering your closet is not just a good move to cut back on spending; it also helps make you feel a little less stressed out and more in control of your life. And it’s not as hard as you might think.

Think about why and how often you wear that item or pair of shoes. Why don’t you prefer those shirts? What makes that sweater look so bad on you? Keeping these questions in mind will help you keep your decluttering process focused on what you like about the items that remain in your closet.

Storing Seasonal Clothes

Clothes come in and out, all year round. Unfortunately, storage space can be a bit of an issue. 

Rolled-top Suede Hangers: These are the kind people use in their closets because they look slick and don’t snag the clothes as traditional wire or plastic hangers do.

Velvet Hangers: These are like a more plush version of plastic hangers and are great for hanging slinky dresses because of how soft they are.

Baby Clothes Storage

When it comes to storing baby clothes, it's always a question of the best way to store them. There are various options for storage, from hanging them up as a garment rack on the wall to putting them into an over-the-door laundry hanger.

Baby Clothing Sliding Drawer: If you are looking for a more elegant method of storing your baby clothes, consider storing them in one of those clothing drawers that slide open and shut. This storage unit fits nicely inside a large closet or the corner of a room and provides adequate room for many pieces of clothing. When you need to hang some clothing up to air, simply remove the hanger from the hook on the drawer and hang it up to air out.

Baby Clothes Hangers: Hangers are great for storing your baby clothes, especially if you have a lot of clothing that needs to be hung up. You can hang baby shirts up by the shoulders or lay them flat on the hanger with the shoulders folded down. You can also put pants or bibs on hangers and hang them from hooks on doors. When it comes time to find something, simply grab a hanger off the hook and leaf through it until you find what you're looking for.

Wrap Boxes: If you have a small space for storing baby clothes, consider putting clothing into plastic wrap boxes. They are great space-savers and can be used for more than just baby clothes. You can even use them to store other things like paperbacks or jewelry. You'll need to keep them sealed with tape when not in use, but they are very useful all the same.

Clothes Storage for a Move

Moving can be stressful, with all the packing and hauling, but one thing that's often overlooked is your clothes storage. It's best to use both plastic and sturdy boxes to pack your clothes. The plastic ones are great for bringing them on the plane, and then the sturdy boxes can be used in your new place. They can store your shoes, jewelry, and accessories. 

You can buy these two types of boxes from Ikea, or some local home improvement store might have them too. Try to organize your clothing by color, size, and pattern. That way, when you open each box, you'll see exactly what needs to go where.

If you’re looking for a creative way to store clothes and make room for the extras that come with moving, consider a storage locker. Storage lockers are a great place to store clothes while they’re waiting to be sorted because they have room for even the messiest of closets. It won’t take long before you have the space you need, all while creating a way to store your boxes that resembles your old home. For more information on storing clothes, you can check out https://onestopselfstorage.com/.

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