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Guidelines for Long-Term Car Storage

At times, circumstances may require you to travel without your car. When leaving it behind isn't an option, how do you ensure it remains in prime condition? Below are key insights for long-term car storage. For a detailed walkthrough, you might want to check the guide on Preparing Your Car for Extended Storage.

Choose the Right Parking Position

Effective parking is more than just picking an open space. Consider these tips for optimal positioning:

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Maintaining Tire Health

For long storage durations, placing tire jacks or stands under the tires can prevent flat spots. If you're storing your car for an extended period, overinflate your tires slightly (without surpassing the maximum limit) to counteract natural deflation.

Fuel Care is Essential

Opt for high-quality, ethanol-free gasoline. This choice ensures minimal moisture accumulation, thus reducing rust and deterioration risks. Filling up the tank also helps keep the seals from drying.

Add a Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel can degrade over time. Introducing a stabilizer will prevent the formation of residue. After addition, run the car for a short while to spread the stabilizer throughout the system.

Manage Battery Health

Unattended batteries can drain. Disconnecting might be an option, but for vehicles with electronic systems, a battery maintainer works wonders, supplying minimal yet consistent power without overcharging risks.

Legal Compliance

Prior to storing, ensure your vehicle’s insurance, registration, and tags are up-to-date to avoid unforeseen complications later.

Guard Against Pests

A stationary car might attract unwanted creatures. To deter these potential nuisances, seal all openings and consider using repellents or ultrasonic devices.

Maintain the Aesthetic

Cleaning and waxing your car is beneficial beyond just appearance. It shields the car from contaminants, and the wax offers extra protection. Cleaning the interior is equally crucial to ensure a pleasant return.

Manage Humidity and Smell

Even as you cover your car, ventilation is crucial to avoid odors and mold. Whether stored indoors or outdoors, the cover should facilitate moisture escape.

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Opt for Trustworthy Vehicle Storage

Ultimately, the choice of storage determines your vehicle's long-term condition. One Stop Self Storage at 3160 Lansing Ave, Jackson, MI 49202 provides a range of storage options:

With features such as electronic gates and a well-illuminated environment, One Stop Self Storage ensures your vehicle's safety and accessibility.


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