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Learn About the Top 5 Best Practices for Record Storage

5 Best Practices for Record Storage
Record storage is an essential part of any business or organization. Properly storing your records ensures that they are easily accessible when you need them and protected from damage. In this article, One Stop Self Storage outlines the top 5 best practices for record storage.

1. Use a Record Storage System

Using a record storage system is the first step in properly storing your records. A record storage system can include a variety of storage options, such as file cabinets, boxes, or shelving units. The key is having a system that makes it easy to find and access the records you need.

At One Stop Self Storage, we offer a range of storage solutions for records, including climate-controlled storage units and shelving units. Our storage options are designed to keep your records organized and easily accessible.

2. Label Your Records Clearly

Once you have a record storage system in place, it's important to label your records clearly. Label each record with a unique identifier, such as a file number or name, and include the date the record was created. This makes it easy to find the record you need quickly and ensures that you're working with the most up-to-date information.

3. Protect Your Records

Protecting your records from damage is essential to ensuring their longevity. There are several ways to protect your records, depending on their format. Use acid-free folders and boxes to prevent damage from acid and other pollutants for paper records. Use secure storage options such as cloud-based storage or external hard drives for digital records.

In addition, consider using climate-controlled storage to protect your records from extreme temperatures and humidity. Climate-controlled storage units from One Stop Self Storage maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, which can prevent damage to your records.

4. Implement Record Retention Policies

Implementing record retention policies is a critical step in managing your records. Record retention policies determine how long records should be kept and when they should be destroyed. This not only helps you stay organized but also ensures that you're in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Working with legal and compliance experts is important to determine the appropriate retention periods for your records. Once you have a policy in place, make sure to communicate it to all relevant staff members and ensure that it's being followed.

5. Use Professional Record Storage Services

If you're dealing with a large volume of records, using professional record storage services may be beneficial. Professional storage services can provide secure and climate-controlled storage for your records and offsite backup and data recovery services.

At One Stop Self Storage, we offer a range of professional record storage services, including scanning and digitization, records management, and secure shredding. Our services are designed to help you manage your records efficiently and securely while reducing the risk of data loss or theft.

In addition to these best practices, there are a few other things to keep in mind when storing records. For example, regularly audit your records to ensure that they are up-to-date and accurate. Make sure to dispose of records that are no longer needed in a secure manner, such as by shredding or incinerating them.

In conclusion, properly storing your records is essential to ensuring that your business or organization operates efficiently and effectively. By using a record storage system, labeling your records clearly, protecting your records, implementing record retention policies, and using professional record storage services, you can ensure that your records are organized, secure, and easily accessible. At One Stop Self Storage, we offer a range of storage solutions for records, including climate-controlled storage units and professional storage services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you manage your records.


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