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Tips for Storing Appliances in Self-Storage Unit

We are sometimes stuck in a scenario that necessitates storing large appliances. Maybe you are waiting for the completion of your new house, or you are in the middle of a kitchen renovation.

Whatever the case, you must keep your household appliances in a safe and secure location until the dust settles. Keeping items in your attic, basement, or garage isn't always feasible. Luckily, you can keep your belongings in a secure self-storage facility.

Whether you need a climate-controlled unit or not, look for a self-storage facility that meets your unique needs. Once you've found a suitable storage facility, it's time to get your big furniture and appliances ready for storage.

Take Inventory of the Items You Want to Store

Household appliances are expensive. Making a list of your devices is an excellent way to safeguard your investment. This list can be helpful if you need to file an insurance claim because of damage.

The inventory list should include the following:

Look for the Appliance's Original Packing

The best way to store your appliances is by keeping them in their original packaging whenever feasible. This packaging is the ideal size to restrict the range of motion of the equipment while in transit or storage. The manufacturer-provided styrofoam inserts will safeguard the most sensitive components of your appliance.

Read The Manufacturer's Instructions for Transportation and Storage

Attempt to track down the appliance's user manual. In most cases, these documents will provide tips on how to carry and store the appliance safely. Obtaining replacement instructions is as easy as visiting the manufacturer's website.

Clean the Appliances Thoroughly

Before putting away your appliances, give them a thorough cleaning. Dust and wipe off all air inlet places, such as lint filters, grids, or tubes, with the appliance cleaner of your choice. Check for debris inside and remove it.

Empty the Water from Tanks and Hoses

Even after disconnecting hoses and tanks from their water supplies, some water may remain in the pipes and containers. If you don't drain them properly before putting them away, you risk severe issues, including mold and broken items from freezing.

Engage in Pest Control

Even if you think you've cleaned your appliances to the last detail, bugs and other pests may still be lurking in the crevices. Use insect spray to reduce the risk of pest damage to your appliances. Make sure you let them dry completely before putting them away.

Protect and Pack Your Appliances Carefully

Wrapping film or packing tape can be used to keep appliance doors and drawers closed during shipment to prevent them from opening and breaking.

Moving blankets, bubble wrap, or wrapping film can prevent items from getting scratched or dented during transport from your home or workplace to a storage facility.

Ensure to label each box with details of what is in the packaging. Consider attaching color-coded stickers to the packages for easy identification.

Look for a Safe Self-Storage Unit

Protect your financial investment by keeping your appliances in a storage unit at a facility that has excellent security features like:

Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

If you live in an area where summers are scorching hot and winters are bitterly cold, consider looking into climate-controlled storage for your appliance storage needs. To protect your equipment's electronic and mechanical components, your storage unit is kept at a comfortable temperature of between 55 and 80 degrees all year round.

Pack and Store the Appliances

Keeping appliances upright during transit and storage can help prevent potential damage, and you should store them near the unit's back and side walls. Putting pallets under each appliance is also a brilliant idea. Also, remember to unplug any of your household appliances before putting them into storage.


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