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How Big Is A 5x5 Storage Unit?

Self-storage is a great way to put away your belongings and extra items that you may not use daily. It also gives you some extra space in your home. There are many self-storage in Milwaukee that you can choose from. You can visit the storage spaces, determine the size of the unit you will need, and rent out the space based on your requirements.

Size Of A 5x5 Storage Unit

While several storage units are available, a 5x5 storage unit is ideal if you need a little extra space in your home, office, apartment, or garage. A 5x5 storage unit is 5 feet long and 5 feet wide. It totals 25 square feet. Its size is similar to a large closet. Most 5x5 storage units have 8-foot ceilings, providing 200 cubic feet of space to put your belongings.

How Different Is A 5x5 Indoor Storage Unit From An Outdoor One?

Typically, indoor and outdoor 5x5 storage units are similar to each other. However, the main difference is that an indoor unit will give you more security. Your belongings will be protected from the elements in an indoor unit as it will be down the hallway. Since the hallways of indoor units are vast, you will also be able to put your things in the unit quickly. Some units also come with climate control options, making your visits to the unit comfortable.

What Can Fit In A 5x5 Storage Unit?

A 5x5 storage unit can fit various things of different sizes. Some of the everyday things include:

Should You Rent A Storage Unit?

Deciding whether or not to rent a storage unit isn't always easy. You may be worried that the additional storage space could lead to extra expenses. But if planned and researched well, renting a storage unit will not only be affordable but can also save you money in the long run. Here are some reasons why you must rent a storage unit:

Tips To Rent A Storage Unit

Here are a few tips for renting a storage unit:

Consider The Location

Before picking a storage unit, ensure the location is right for you. Your storage unit should be close to your home and workspace s you can easily access it whenever you want. This is especially vital if you make frequent trips to the unit.

Visit The Facility Before Renting

Ensure you visit the storage facility before signing the lease. No matter how good the storage unit pictures look, visiting the place will allow you to examine the area better and identify any problems.

Find Out About Payment Policies

Before signing the lease, find out about the payment methods accepted by the facility. Many locations will let you access your storage account online or pay with a credit card, while others may have other payment options. Be clear on the payment due dates and late payment policies so that you don't risk being auctioned off for missing any payments.

Check About Discounts

If you feel like the cost is high, ask about discounts. Many storage facilities offer various discounts if you prepay for several months or sign a longer-than-six-months lease. This can help you save on rent.

Insure Your Storage Unit

Some storage places will require insurance coverage on the items you store, while others may not. Having insurance coverage on your storage unit is an excellent idea to protect yourself from fire, theft, natural disasters, or floods. It is usually easy to add your storage unit to your existing homeowners or renter's insurance policy. The cost of the policy will depend on how much protection you want. Speak to your insurance agent and ensure you have the right coverage if you plan to store high-value items in the unit.

Determine Whether You Need A Climate Controlled Unit

Depending on what you want to store, you may want to consider getting a climate-controlled unit. If you store high-quality furniture, electronics, documents, or wooden items, a climate-controlled unit will protect the items from excess moisture, humidity, or heat.

Make An Inventory And Photograph All The Items You Plan To Store

You must photograph all your items and create an inventory for your records and insurance purposes. Some policies may even ask you to take photographs of high-value items in storage. Also, recording and photographing the content of every box will make it easy to find your items quickly.

Decide The Size Of The Storage

Ensure you choose the right size for your storage unit. Make a list of items you will be putting in the unit and decide based on that. Here are some tips on how to estimate the size of the unit you will need:

Place all the items you plan to store in one area. This way, you will know roughly how much space you will need to store them.
Look at the differently sized units available and ask the staff members at the facility for suggestions. Their experience can help you estimate the size.
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